Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (May 2, 2017)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (May 2, 2017)



1. The overseas voting turnout for the May presidential election is 75.3%, marking the record number of overseas voters in history. The public interest in the political scandal involving Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil, which led to nationwide candlelight vigils attracted the attention of home and overseas voters.

Overseas voters went all the way to the polling places to vote. People here in Korea will vote starting May 4. Fingers crossed!


2. The Korean economy clearly revitalizes after the former President Park Geun-hye is suspended from her presidential powers and duties. Pundits say that the economic recovery is not just a coincidence, but the economy is bound to recover if the government does not come up with unnecessary measures including minimizing government intervention in markets.

The next administration should be mindful. I am sure they know what it means.


3. The professor who failed Jeong Yoo-ra, Choi Soon-sil’s daughter in two subjects attended a hearing to testify the matter. Jeong did not show her efforts in improving academic achievement, and Choi visited and insulted the professor by saying “What are you?”

No need to see what Choi has done to the professor after watching how she behaved in the court.


Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 26, 2017)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 26, 2017)



1. The recent opinion poll on frontrunners of the presidential election shows a widening gap between Moon Jae-in, the left-leaning Democratic Party of Korea, and Ahn Cheol-soo, the center-left People’s Party of Korea. With Ahn’s approval rating going down, the two-way race between Moon and Ahn is on the verge of collapse and voters who supported Ahn move to support Hong Joon-pyo and Yoo Seung-min.

Ahn Cheol-soo no longer has evil forces that support him but Korean voters.


2. As the inspection team began searching the inside of the Sewol Ferry for seven days, they expect to find missing passengers by focusing the third and fourth floor of the ship. By securing various accesses to the ship, the team also expects to increase the workspace by making progress one to two meters every day.

The team found the keepsakes of the deceased one by one but not missing passengers. Your family awaits you. Please come back.


Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 24, 2017)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 24, 2017)



1. Seven in ten Korean say that the next administration must build up peaceful relations with North Korea. While 68.6% respondents say Seoul should maintain peaceful relations with Pyongyang, 26.5% say that the South should take a tough stance against the North.

Why don’t we spend some money to keep peace on the Korean Peninsula? We are all dead if a war breaks out.


2. Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye is expected to move to her new private residence in Naegok-dong after she sold her residence in Samsung-dong. The market value of the new home is known to surpass 3.5 million US Dollars and is located at the foot of Guryong Mountain where it is difficult for ordinary people to approach.

Can Park live in Naegok-dong? Does Park dream of being pardoned when he becomes the next president?

Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 13, 2017)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 13, 2017)



1. The Seoul Central District Court dismissed the arrest warrant for Woo Byung-woo, former presidential secretary for civil affairs, for the second time. However, the judiciary of South Korea faces rising criticism as the prosecution arrested Ko Young-tae, a close friend of Park Geun-hye’s confidante Choi Soon-sil, who has been cooperative with the independent counsel’s probe.

“Don’t ask why young people are not willing to have children. No one wants their sons and daughters to live in the country.” Kim Min-jung, the poet.



2. An official in the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism who created the blacklist of cultural figures confessed that he had no choice but followed Cheong Wa Dae’s order. Mr. Oh who was summoned as a witness in the second hearing of Kim Ki-chun and Cho Yoon-sun said it was extremely painful for him as he was well aware of the circumstance of the art community.

It can be considered as a threat given the situation that he felt pressure. Then the hairstyle of Kim Ki-chun and Cho Yoon-sun is upstyle?

The so-called upstyle hair is Park Geun-hye’s hair style.

Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (March 31, 2017)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (March 31, 2017)



1. With the approval of an arrest warrant, South Korea’s disgraced former President Park gave eight hours and 40 minutes of testimony, the longest testimony hours in history. Park who finished her testimony was held at the prosecutor’s office and later was arrested in the morning.

According to gossip and rumors on social media, it is expected to 18 no matter what. Is Park going to be sentenced 18 years in prison then?



2. The committee who visited the site to investigate the body of the salvaged Sewol ferry became speechless when they found that the parts of the ship became rusted and damaged. Kim Chang-jun, the head of the committee, who remained quiet while watching the sea finally said he could not stop crying, thinking about the students.

A sensible man would take it to heart. For some people, the word “Sewol” is a taboo.

Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (March 21, 2017)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (March 21, 2017)



1. With former President Park Geun-hye facing investigation by the prosecution, Barun Party says Park should behave herself. They also add that the whole nation wants Park to self-reflect and apologize.

They like to play a role of the opposition.  Barun Party has always been far from public sentiment.



2. With the removal of Park Geun-hye, there were 146 police reports in the last four days after Park moved to her private residence in Samsung-dong. Most of the reports complained about the noise that supporters made such as playing the military song.

As an incumbent leader, Park inflicted damage on the whole nation. After impeachment, she caused damage to Samsung-dong residents. She is such a pain in the ass.

Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (March 15, 2017)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (March 15, 2017)



1. South Korean prosecutors who took over the influence-peddling scandal case from a special prosecution team would notify ousted President Park Geun-hye when she would be summoned. They would summon Park for questioning as a suspect as she would be indicted as a suspect.

Prosecutors never notify and negotiate with a criminal. Just go and arrest her.


2. As prosecutors officially announce the plan to investigate ousted President Park, she is likely to be the third former leader as a suspect, standing in a photo spot in front of the Prosecution’s Office. Roh Tae-woo was the first former president to be summoned by prosecutors.

I wonder whether she can still wave her hand with a big smile. I am sure she is likely to do it.