Government will announce plans to curb speculation in real estate market


The South Korean government will announce a set of real estate control measures later today, in response to growing signs the housing market is becoming overheated, the second already under the new Moon administration. The government has hinted it would take steps to counter speculative investors, who own multiple residential properties. Earlier in June, the government imposed stricter loan regulation on several real estate hotspots around the country that had seen steep, recent price gains. The government says it has detected signs of price distortions in the market caused by speculation, which is making it more difficult for young people to purchase a home. The measures will be revealed following a meeting between officials from the ruling Democratic Party and the government.



부동산 시장이 과열 조짐을 보이자 정부는 오늘 중으로 부동산 대책을 내놓을 방침입니다. 문재인 정부가 들어선 후 벌써 두 번째입니다. 정부는 여러 채의 주택을 보유한 투기꾼을 잡기 위한 대책을 내놓는다고 밝힌바 있습니다. 정부는 6월 일부 급격한 가격 상승을 보여온 지역에 강력한 규제를 적용했습니다. 정부는 투기로 인한 가격왜곡현상 있기 때문에 젊은이들의 집 구매가 어려워지고 있다고 밝혔습니다. 여당과 정부는 당정 협의를 거친 후 대책을 발표할 예정입니다.


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