Nat’l Assembly likely to focus on election-related issue during February session


Korea’s National Assembly begins its February extraordinary session this Wednesday afternoon. With the opening of the new session, which will last the entire month,  the leaders of the four major parties — the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea, the ruling Saenuri Party, the minor opposition People’s Party, and the splinter conservative Righteous or Barun Party — will address the assembly each day from Thursday. The question and answer sessions for senior government officials will also take place during the month-long session, but the exact dates have yet to be decided. With the possibility of an early presidential election looming, the National Assembly is expected to focus on election-related issues like lowering the legal voting age by a year to 18.



이번주 수요일 오후부터 2월 임시국회가 열립니다. 한달 내내 이어질 이번 임시국회의 개원을 맞아 민주당, 새누리당, 국민의당, 바른정당의 4당 대표들이 목요일부터 매일 대표연설을 하게 됩니다. 고위 공직자 질의응답도 이번 회기 중 열릴 예정이지만 정확한 날짜는 아직 정해지지 않았습니다. 조기대선 실시 가능성이 커져가는 가운데 이번 임시국회에서는 선거연령의 만 18세 하향 조정 등 선거관련 현안이 쟁점이 될 전망입니다.



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