Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (February 8, 2017)



1. Bathrooms for Seoul library have been available during nighttime for citizens who participate in the candlelight vigil since November 26. However, as conservative groups such as ParkSaMo (Loyalists to President Park Geun-hye) have occupied Seoul Square, other people suffer from their loud voice, smoking, and food consumption.

I hope conservative groups behave themselves. Their behavior is insulting Queen Park Geun-hye.



2. Some argue that Ministry of Education reduced the number of errors when it announced the final version of the government-led history textbooks. It seems that the ministry that was disgraced in public reduced the number of errors on purpose or made an error in counting ‘errors’.

The idea of publishing new government launched history textbooks itself is an error. A bunch of errors on the textbooks.


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