Choi Soon-sil and An Chong-bum appear for second hearing in criminal trial


We begin with the latest developments in the power abuse scandal. The second hearing in the criminal trial of President Park Geun-hye’s longtime confidante Choi Soon-sil is currently underway. For the details, we connect with our Kim Hyesung, who is at the Seoul Central District Court. Hyesung — Choi refused to appear for the impeachment trial at the Constitutional Court yesterday, but she has appeared for the second hearing in the criminal trial today?


That’s right, Daeun. Both Choi Soon-sil and former presidential secretary for policy coordination An Chong-bum appeared at around ten this morning. This is a criminal trial, so both Choi and An are appearing as suspects and will use the opportunity to defend themselves. At the first hearing in the criminal trial last Thursday, the court examined only a quarter of the over 27,000 pages of evidence, and today prosecutors are releasing more documents. In addition, An refused to allow the court to use a crucial piece of evidence — his work-related notebook — saying that it should not be admissible because it was illegally obtained during the investigation.


Meanwhile, Choi’s lawyers denied the charges against her, which include abuse of power and attempted fraud, for allegedly forcing Korean conglomerates to donate millions of dollars to two foundations allegedly run by Choi. Choi’s lead attorney Lee Kyung-jae said Choi’s testimony should not be used as evidence because she was forced to make confessions under pressure while she was under investigation. The prosecution, however, denied that her confessions were forced, and said Choi and An are trying to prevent the court from using evidence that could be damaging to President Park. Back to you, Daeun.




국정농단사건의 최신 소식부터 전해드리겠습니다. 박근혜 대통령의 오랜 친구인 최순실 씨의 2차 공판이 현재 진행 중입니다. 서울중앙지방법원에 나와있는 김혜성 기자를 연결해 자세한 소식을 알아보겠습니다. 김혜성 기자, 최순실 씨는 어제 열린 헌법재판소의 탄핵재판에는 출석을 거부했었는데요, 오늘 열린 2차 공판은 출석을 했습니다?


그렇습니다. 최 씨와 안종범 전 청와대 정책조정비서관은 둘 다 오전 10시경 법정에 모습을 드러냈습니다. 이것은 형사 재판 이므로 최 씨와 안 전 수석은 용의자로 출두하여 자신을 변론할 기회를 갖게 됩니다. 지난 목요일에 열린 1차 공판에서 재판부는 2만7천 페이지가 넘는 증거 자료 중 단지 1/4 정도만 조사했으며 검찰은 오늘 더 많은 문서를 제출할 예정입니다. 또한 안 전 수석은 중요한 증거물인 업무수첩이 수사과정에서 위법하게 수집되었기 때문에 증거로 채택될 수 없다고 밝히며 법정에서 증거로 사용하는 것을 거부했습니다..


한편 최 씨 측 변호인단은 권력남용과 대기업들에게 최 씨가 운영하는 두 재단에 수백만 달러에 달하는 거액의 기부금을 출연하도록 강요한 사기 혐의 등을 모두 부인했습니다. 최 씨의 변호인인 이경재 대표 변호사는 그녀가 수사 중 압박을 느끼며 자백을 강요 받았기 때문에 최 씨의 진술을 증거로 채택할 수 없다고 주장했습니다. 하지만 검찰은 최 씨의 자백이 강요 받은 내용을 부인하며, 최 씨와 안 전 수석이 박 대통령에게 불리한 증거를 법정에 제출하지 못하도록 막으려는 것이라고 밝혔습니다.




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