Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (January 31, 2017)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (January 31, 2017)


1. The Constitutional Court of Korea that took a break during lunar New Year’s Day began impeachment trial in earnest to complete the trial on President Park Geun-hye before March 13. The president, court, and special prosecutors are expected to have a fierce legal battle as well as investigation and legal defense.

Even the funniest movie can become a boring drag. Let’s finish trial as soon as possible.


2. Chief editor Jung Kyu-jae unveiled the story after he had an interview with President Park Geun-hye. Jung asked whether Park would correct the excessive power of press and mistakes if the impeachment is overturned. The president said that the mistakes would be corrected with the power of people.

From my understanding of the story, she threatens revenge if the impeachment is overturned.


Choi Soon-sil and An Chong-bum appear for second hearing in criminal trial


We begin with the latest developments in the power abuse scandal. The second hearing in the criminal trial of President Park Geun-hye’s longtime confidante Choi Soon-sil is currently underway. For the details, we connect with our Kim Hyesung, who is at the Seoul Central District Court. Hyesung — Choi refused to appear for the impeachment trial at the Constitutional Court yesterday, but she has appeared for the second hearing in the criminal trial today?


That’s right, Daeun. Both Choi Soon-sil and former presidential secretary for policy coordination An Chong-bum appeared at around ten this morning. This is a criminal trial, so both Choi and An are appearing as suspects and will use the opportunity to defend themselves. At the first hearing in the criminal trial last Thursday, the court examined only a quarter of the over 27,000 pages of evidence, and today prosecutors are releasing more documents. In addition, An refused to allow the court to use a crucial piece of evidence — his work-related notebook — saying that it should not be admissible because it was illegally obtained during the investigation.


Meanwhile, Choi’s lawyers denied the charges against her, which include abuse of power and attempted fraud, for allegedly forcing Korean conglomerates to donate millions of dollars to two foundations allegedly run by Choi. Choi’s lead attorney Lee Kyung-jae said Choi’s testimony should not be used as evidence because she was forced to make confessions under pressure while she was under investigation. The prosecution, however, denied that her confessions were forced, and said Choi and An are trying to prevent the court from using evidence that could be damaging to President Park. Back to you, Daeun.




국정농단사건의 최신 소식부터 전해드리겠습니다. 박근혜 대통령의 오랜 친구인 최순실 씨의 2차 공판이 현재 진행 중입니다. 서울중앙지방법원에 나와있는 김혜성 기자를 연결해 자세한 소식을 알아보겠습니다. 김혜성 기자, 최순실 씨는 어제 열린 헌법재판소의 탄핵재판에는 출석을 거부했었는데요, 오늘 열린 2차 공판은 출석을 했습니다?


그렇습니다. 최 씨와 안종범 전 청와대 정책조정비서관은 둘 다 오전 10시경 법정에 모습을 드러냈습니다. 이것은 형사 재판 이므로 최 씨와 안 전 수석은 용의자로 출두하여 자신을 변론할 기회를 갖게 됩니다. 지난 목요일에 열린 1차 공판에서 재판부는 2만7천 페이지가 넘는 증거 자료 중 단지 1/4 정도만 조사했으며 검찰은 오늘 더 많은 문서를 제출할 예정입니다. 또한 안 전 수석은 중요한 증거물인 업무수첩이 수사과정에서 위법하게 수집되었기 때문에 증거로 채택될 수 없다고 밝히며 법정에서 증거로 사용하는 것을 거부했습니다..


한편 최 씨 측 변호인단은 권력남용과 대기업들에게 최 씨가 운영하는 두 재단에 수백만 달러에 달하는 거액의 기부금을 출연하도록 강요한 사기 혐의 등을 모두 부인했습니다. 최 씨의 변호인인 이경재 대표 변호사는 그녀가 수사 중 압박을 느끼며 자백을 강요 받았기 때문에 최 씨의 진술을 증거로 채택할 수 없다고 주장했습니다. 하지만 검찰은 최 씨의 자백이 강요 받은 내용을 부인하며, 최 씨와 안 전 수석이 박 대통령에게 불리한 증거를 법정에 제출하지 못하도록 막으려는 것이라고 밝혔습니다.



Japan recalls its ambassador to Seoul, consul general in Busan over ‘comfort woman’ statue

Tensions appear to be reaching new highs between Seoul and Tokyo over the decades-old issue of Japan’s wartime sexual enslavement of Korean women. This, despite the landmark agreement made between the two sides in December 2015, which many hoped would help resolve the issue. The Japanese government said this morning it will temporarily recall its ambassador to Seoul, Yasumasa Nagamine, and its consul general in Busan, Yasuhiro Morimoto, in protest against the recent installation of a “comfort woman” statue in front of the Japanese Embassy in Busan.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the construction of the statue is not “appropriate” for Seoul-Tokyo relations. According to Seoul-based Yonhap News Agency, Japan also plans to halt Korea-Japan currency swap negotiations and postpone bilateral high-level economic talks. The Korean government has called the move “very regrettable.” The statue in Busan, built by a civic group in December, was immediately removed by Korean government officials, but the activists re-installed it on Monday.




수십 년간 계속된 한국여성에 대한 일본군 성노예 문제로 한일간 긴장감이 고조되고 있습니다. 이는 한일양국의 역사적인 2015년 12월 협의에도 불구하고 입니다. 많은 사람들이 이 문제가 해결되리라 희망했었습니다. 일본정부는 금일 오전 최근에 일어난 부산 주한 일본영사관 앞 소녀상 설치에 대한 항의로 나가미네 야스마사 주한일본대사와 모리모토 야스히로 일본총영사를 일시적으로 귀국시키겠다고 밝혔습니다.

스가 요시히데 관방장관은 소녀상 건립은 한일관계에 “적절치” 않다고 밝혔습니다. 연합뉴스에 따르면 일본은 한일 통화 스와프 협상 중단을 포함해 고위급 경제협의도 연기할 계획이라고 밝혔습니다. 한국정부는 이런 일본정부의 움직임에 대해 “매우 유감”이라고 밝혔습니다. 12월 한 시민단체가 부산에 세운 소녀상을 우리정부 측에서 즉시 철거했으며 월요일 다시 재설치되었습니다.


韓 특검 현 문체부 장관을 소환, 자초지종 파악 중

韓国特別検察官 現職の文化体育観光相を事情聴取




특검 문체부 장관을 소환, 자초지종 파악 중

한국의 박근혜 대통령의 주변을 둘러싼 사건을 수사중인 특검은 박 정권에 대한 비판적인 주장을 한 영화감독이나 배우 등에 대한 공적인 지원을 중단한 직권남용 혐의로 전 문체부 장관을 체포한 데 이어 17일 현 문화체육관광부 장관을 소환해 자초지종을 파악하고 있습니다.

한국언론은 박 정권에 비판적인 주장을 한 영화감독이나 배우 등의 명단을 ‘블랙리스트’라고 부릅니다. 이 명단은 청와대에서 관리하고 있다고 알려졌으며, 작성경위와 더불어 박 대통령이 직접 관여 했는지에 대한 여부가 초점이 되고 있습니다.

  1. 一連(いちれん)の事件(じけん)일련의 사건
  2. 特別検察官(とくべつけんさつかん)특검
  3. 政権 (せいけん)정권
  4. 批判的(ひはんてき)비판적
  5. 主張(しゅちょう)주장
  6. 映画監督(えいがかんとく)영화감독
  7. 俳優(はいゆう)배우
  8. 公的(こうてき)공적
  9. 支援(しえん)지원
  10. 打ち切る(うちきる)중단하다
  11. 職権乱用(しょっけんらんよう)직권남용
  12. 閣僚(かくりょう)각료
  13. 現職(げんしょく)현직
  14. 文化体育観光相(ぶんかたいいくかんこうしょう)문화체육관광부 장관
  15. 名簿(めいぼ)명단
  16. 大統領府(だいとうりょうふ)청와대
  17. 管理(かんり)관리
  18. 作成(さくせい)のいきさつ 작성경위
  19. 関与(かんよ)관여
  20. 焦点(しょうてん)초점




일본 북부의 동해와 호쿠리쿠에서 거친 날씨 눈보라 등 경계

北日本の日本海側と北陸で荒れた天気 猛吹雪など警戒を



일본 북부의 동해와 호쿠리쿠에서 거친 날씨 눈보라 등 경계

강한 겨울형 기압배치 영향으로 일본북부의 동해와 호쿠리쿠에서는 바람이 강해지고, 13일까지 눈이 내릴 전망으로, 기상청은 눈보라 등에 따른 교통 영향에 경계하는 동시에, 폭설에도 주의하도록 당부했습니다.


  1. 気圧配置(きあつはいち)기압배치
  2. 気象庁(きしょうちょう)기상청
  3. 猛吹雪(もうふぶき)눈보라
  4. 警戒(けいかい)경계
  5. 十分注意(じゅうぶんちゅうい)충분한 주의

Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (January 26, 2017)


Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (January 26, 2017)


1. After her inauguration, President Park Geun-hye spent more than 300 million won (about US$ 300,000) on her clothes. Special Prosecutors found the evidence that Choi Soon-sil paid the amount for Park after she took office.

Park once said she was married to the Republic of Korea. The country is likely to go bankrupt because we chose wrong daughter-in-law.



2. While an arrest warrant for Choi Soon-sil was executed, Choi caused a disturbance, saying “I am innocent. I was forced to confess” as she was dragged by South Korean special prosecutors. What a lady in facilities management grabbed public attention as she said, “Damn you” three times behind Choi’s back.

Give a damn to whatever Choi has to say. Give a damn to whatever Choi wrote for Park Geun-hye.



3. Le Monde, the French daily newspaper, reported that South Korean prosecutors arrested Culture Minister Cho Yoon-sun and former presidential secretary Kim Ki-chun who were suspected of making a blacklist of cultural figures. The newspaper added that the blacklist is part of Park Geun-hye administration’s governing the country and this added outrage to South Korea as it seriously undermined the freedom of expressions which Koreans hardly won.

What Park has done never ends here. I will keep my mouth shut because I am so embarrassed to tell what her government has done.

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (January 25, 2017)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (January 25, 2017)



1. As Park Han-chul, the president of the Constitutional Court of Korea, resigned as of January, the impeachment condition has changed to six or more the court’s eight (instead of nine) justices rule favor of it. As a result, pundits say that Park deliberately delays the process as she is in a better position in the impeachment trial.

Having unqualified Park as the president is torturing the whole nation. Impeaching Park as soon as possible is the solution to the problem.



2. The New York Times described Choi Soon-sil as a monkey trainer in an editorial cartoon called ‘Heng the South Korean Scandal.’ As Choi plays music box which it says ‘politics,’ a monkey on a leash does some tricks while extorting money from Korean conglomerates

The money who does some tricks must be Park Geun-hye. I am sure real monkeys will be mad.


To see ‘Heng on the South Korean Scandal,’ visit the NY Times website at