Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (November 3, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (November 3, 2016)


1. Ahn Jong-beom, the former senior secretary for policy coordination, says, “He has not contacted Choi Soon-sil, but with President Park Geun-hye’s instruction, he has contacted corporations on the list that are expected to contribute a donation. With Ahn’s such statement, prosecutors are expected to investigate Ms Park inevitably.

Ahn has changed abruptly as soon as he resigned his job. He has no sense of honor. I bet he feels so much better now after he spits it out.


2. The Federation of Shaman Korea expressed displeasure that calling Choi Soon-sil “shaman” is a defamation of shaman. While the federation launch a signature-seeking campaign to stop calling Choi a shaman, Protestants in Korea said that it is inappropriate to call Choi Tae-min, Choi Soon-sil’s father, a pastor.

Apart from shamans, can Korean Protestants be free from a relationship with Choi Tae-min? They should repent first.

3. Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education initiated an on-site investigation on middle school attendance records of Choi Soon-sil’s daughter, Jeong Yu-ra. An official in education office says, “They will look into Jeong’s records of attendance, which was reported in media and if necessary, they will launch an official inspection.”

I am concerned Yu-ra ends up becoming an elementary school graduate, not to mention Ewha Women’s University. Is this because she was born into a wealthy family?



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