Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (October 11, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (October 11, 2016)


1. The ruling Saenuri Party’s floor leader Chung Jin-suk disparaged “Sewol Ferry Tragedy” and “Baek Nam-ki’s death” by comparing with Chinese fishing vessels operating illegally. Chung argued that he be ashamed of tents of Sewol Ferry and Baek Nam-ki in Gwanghwamum, the center of Seoul, as they represented weakening government power.

I know your dirty little mind. “#So where is Choi Soon-sil?”


2. The hospital discharge record right after Baek Nam-ki’s death says the Korean farmer died of traumatic subdural hemorrhage, which was signed by Baek’s doctor Professor Baek Seon-ha himself. Suspicions of external influence rise in Baek’s death as the professor wrote the discharge record right before producing a death certificate, which stated that the farmer died of natural cause.

He pulled the wrong strings. See? Nothing lasts forever.


3. A logistics commotion triggered by Hanjin Shipping proliferates in South Korea, followed by strikes of subway and rail and truckers. Many point out that the Korean government should tackle these issues by communicating and negotiating with these workers instead of taking a tough stance.

Well, if the government knows the situation, it will not let the strikes happen. The authority probably believes that they are right, saying, “We knew this would happen and all we had to do is to take a hard line with these workers.”


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