Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (September 29, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (September 29, 2016)


1. As memorial altars for farmer Baek Nam-ki are expected to spread nationwide, the National Policy Agency in South Korea made a preemptive move by giving guidance to local police agencies. The agency said supplies of memorial altar including tents are not part of holding a public rally even if the assemblies are permitted and also presented legal basis that establishing a memorial altar without giving the notice to hold a rally is considered as a meeting held without notifying the competent authorities beforehand.

They do not know how to respect the dead. The agency is slow at investigating the case but quick at giving such guidance.


2. The Korean government implemented the so-called “Kim Young-ran Law” to prevent corruption on the 28th. With enforcement of the law, the country’s excessive business entertainment culture is expected to improve and deeply rooted corruption and graft in Korean society are likely to disappear.

Listen up, those who say they are still confused by Kim Young-ran law. Are you still confused because you are not entertained any more?


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