Return rate for 50,000-won bills at 50.7% in H1


The redemption rate for the country’s highest denominated bill is the lowest among all banknotes. The Bank of Korea says of the 11.2 trillion won or about 10 billion U.S. dollars, worth of 50,000 won notes issued in the first half of the year, only 5.1 billion dollar worth have found their way back to the central bank. That means the return ratio in the January to June period was 50.7 percent. Although that’s higher than the 40-percent from the same period last year, the return rate is still the lowest of all other bills. The rate was more than 110 percent for 10,000 won bills and about 94 percent for 5,000 won banknotes. The lower the figure, the less the money is circulating in the financial system. The low return rate of the 50,000 won notes raises concerns that the money could be flowing into the underground economy.



우리나라 최고액권 화폐의 환수율은 모든 지폐 중 가장 낮습니다. 한국은행은 올 상반기 11조2천억원(약100억 달러)에 달하는 오만원 권이 발행되었으나 이중 51억 달러만이 한은으로 돌아왔다고 밝혔습니다. 이는 올해 1월부터 6월까지의 환수율이 50.7%에 그치고 말았다는 뜻입니다. 비록 40%였던 지난해보다 환수율이 높아졌지만 다른 지폐와 비교할 때 여전히 가장 낮습니다. 만원 권의 환수율 110% 이상, 오천원 권의 환수율은 약 94%에 달했습니다. 환수율 수치가 낮을수록 그 돈은 금융시스템에서 순환되고 있지 않는 것입니다. 오만원 권의 낮은 환수율은 곧 지폐가 지하경제로 흘러가는 것이 아니냐는 우려를 불러 일으켰습니다.




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