Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (August 17, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (August 17, 2016)


1. President Park Geun-hye approved a partial cabinet reshuffle by replacing ministers in Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, and Ministry of Environment and nominating new vice-ministers in four ministries. Opposition parties slammed the reshuffle for excluding the senior secretary for civil affairs, Woo Byung-woo.

Woo must confirm the ministers who are included in the reshuffle. A mood of melancholy descended on me.

2. The South Korean government acknowledged the fact that they did not provide adequate measures for humidifier disinfectant victims but did not issue a formal apology. The Cabinet Office Minister and Environment Minister made their intentions clear that they would prevent the disinfectant incident from happening but did not offer an official apology.

Whatever happens, the government has maintained ‘Don’t ask the past’ attitude. I am not sure whether the authority is dumb or does something without thinking.


3. The South Korean government proposes 3 to 4 percent increase in 2017 budget for the first time, which is expected to surpass 400 trillion won for the first time. The sectors including public health, social welfare, employment are projected to reach over 130 trillion, as the spending on youth unemployment, low birth rate, and aging phenomenon increase.

Are Koreans going to live in a better world next year? Anything the government gives you, the government can take away.

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