Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (August 12, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (August 12, 2016)

1. The South Korean government and the ruling Saenuri Party will ease the rate of progressive electricity billing system, the cause of heavy bills, from July to September. In this case, Korean households are expected to save about 20% of power bills.

They finally agree to ease the bill at the end of summer. I sweat so much that I have nothing more left.


2. The government will gradually change the name of resident centers in eup, myeon, and kun in South Korea to Community Service Center until 2018. As the authority has changed the name of the resident center from dong office in 52 years, some point out that it wastes a budget of 17 billion won by changing the name to Community Service Center again.

A community service is supposed to spend money on the vulnerable social group rather than replacing signs of centers. They should know that.


3. Foreign visitors to Korea are most impressed by the country’s Wi-fi service, followed by public transport (19%), kitchen scissors for cutting food (13%), inexpensive, high-quality cosmetics (7%), and demilitarized zone (6%).

One of the popular souvenirs for visitors in South Korea is kitchen scissors.  I hope they don’t buy scissors because they are sick of South Korea.


4. A mother in her 20s who murdered her nine-month-old daughter faced a minimum penalty of 5 years. The court said that the other two children need mother’s care and hopes to devote her life to them by expiating the past.

Well, I am not sure whether she can take care of her children. They are not experimental subjects.


5. South Korean meteorological agency’s frequent false reports allow people to check the weather on overseas websites. However, the agency says weather forecast is based on probability and people should consider this as a reference rather than just distrusting the report.

If that is the case, the agency should not have bought a supercomputer of 10 billion won worth in the first place. The computer is not Lotto.


6. There is the rising controversy of reverse discrimination over Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 7’s launch in China with upgraded memory—6GB RAM and 128GB storage. Samsung says they will do best to accept diverse opinions from various regions, as Chinese manufacturers launch aggressive marketing against consumers.

Is the company trying to say that Korea’s situation is better than China? The company sucks really.


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