Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (August 11, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (August 11, 2016)


1. The six first-term lawmakers from Minjoo Party of Korea who left for China to monitor Chinese public opinion against THAAD deployment returned to South Korea. They also plan to visit the US, Russia, and other neighboring countries to discuss THAAD.

Chungwadae and the ruling Saenuri Party made a fuss that these opposition lawmakers would be exploited. They must feel sad because nothing happened. They must be awkward by now.


2. White House petition of 100,000 signatures, calling for a withdrawal of the decision to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) in Seongju, Gyeongbuk Province was completed on the 27th. The American government is responsible for giving an official responsible within 30 days of submitting the petition.

What will the American government? They will probably say ‘ask your government.’


3. A police superintendent and executives in Gyeonggi Province received a reception of Korean beef worth of 600,000 won and the superintendent even received a gift of oxtail worth 150,000 won. The police said it is not part of inspection but all these receptions will be illegal from 28th after Kim Young-ran law (anti-corruption law) is implemented.

These people may hate Kim Young-ran law. Eat while you can. It will be the end of you if you get caught from next month.


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