Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (July 6, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (July 6, 2016)


1. The Saenuri Party actively leads the way to secure political leadership by ‘abolishing privileges of lawmakers’ such as lawmakers’ immunity from arrest and exemption from legal responsibility. These privileges for legislators are protected under the Constitution, which needs constitutional revision.

Considering the National Assembly Advancement Act, are they sure they are not going to regret?


2. The Park Geun-hye Administration’s core ministry, Ministry of Science ICT and Future Planning, became the talk of the town due to indiscipline of government employees. The government official who forced one of the employees to do his son’s homework, followed by an employee who was accused of prostitution expediently avoided punishment by applying leave of absence.

South Korea faces not only a bleak future but gloomy future.


3. Korean tourists chose mobile phone as their best travel partner over friends and lovers. The cell phone is considered best followed by friends, lovers, camera, books (travel guidebooks), and sunglasses.

I do not feel any warmth when I touch my mobile phone. Well, it becomes warmer when I hold it long.


4. Most of the young job seekers in South Korea hope to get a job near their home. The reason why they prefer closer location be that they can save additional living expense such as housing.

The job seekers these days are willing to go anywhere. I hope they have higher pay.


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