Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 29, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 29, 2016)


1. Han Sun-gyo, a ruling Saenuri lawmaker, argued that the Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) in Korea produced broadcasting programs in their way, which gives children the wrong impression and the Ministry of Education should directly supervise the company. The lawmaker particularly called the EBS’s ‘DocuPrime’ into the question as the program discussed the ‘Democracy and Market Economy System’ which interviewed Noam Chomsky and Thomas Piketty.

The former announcer made a ridiculous comment on the independent broadcasting company that produced the programs in their way.


2. Some of the steel bars, one of the overloaded reasons for Sewol Ferry disaster, were found to head to the naval base in Jeju Island. The Special Commission found that the total of 2,215 tons of cargo was loaded into the vessel, which was over 1,228 tons despite a maximum cargo limit of 987 tons.

So what the police and prosecution investigated turned out to be nonsense. That is why they demanded to break up the commission.


3. After the Brexit’s decision, young people in the UK argue that ‘our future has been ruined by selfish older voters.’  However, voter turnout among young people was lower. Voters aged 65 and older are 83% while voters between 18 and 24 are only 36%.

The voter turnout is not so different from South Korea. People should vote to decide their future.


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