Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 27, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 27, 2016)


1. The bereaved families of the Sewol Ferry disaster who demonstrated in front of the South Korean government building at Gwanghwamun confronted with the police. Later, they were taken by the police. The families and the 416 Solidarity demanded the amendment of the Sewol Ferry Special Bill by opposing the closure of Sewol Ferry Special Committee’s investigation.

Two years have passed. Nothing has changed. Is the South Korean government tired of hearing their grief? I am sick of the government’s action.


2. Apple classified Dokdo as a Japanese ‘Okinoshima’ district. The company three years ago said that they would use neither Korean nor Japanese when it comes to determining Dokdo’s administrative district.

Is this because Apple’s logo is an apple? They have to apologize what they have done.

Apple (Sagwa) in Korean has the same sound as an apology (Sagwa) in Korean.

3. The Australian authority took a tough stance against business owners who exploited wages of overseas workers on a working holiday visa or student visa. The convenience store owner a penalty of 360,000 US dollars for submitting false pay slips and underpaying 12 workers including international students their minimum wages.

The owners would never dream of ripping off their workers by facing such a huge penalty. I wish Korea had the same system.


4. The family of the South Korean actor Kim Sung-min who was pronounced brain dead decided to donate his organs. Kim, who was always interested in organ donations, donated his kidneys, liver, bowels, and cornea to five patients with incurable disease.

I do not know about his troubled life before and am touched by his final donation. Rest in peace.




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