Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 24, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 24, 2016)


1. The government and opposition party remain apart on energy issues during the first report in National Assembly, which the ruling party is numbered by its opposition. They have different positions on the matters such as the opening of power and gas market, restructure of the Korea Coal Corporation, nuclear facility and coal-fired electrical power plant, which expect a rocky road in the energy policy execution process in the second half of the year.

Privatization is hidden behind the sex scandal of entertainers. We are against the privatization no matter what.


2. All 123 members of the Minjoo Party and six members of the Justice party passed the amendments to Sewol Ferry Special bill. The Special bill is first proposed by the Minjoo Party, which guarantees the activities of the Sewol Ferry Special Committee and allows a thorough investigation of the vessel.

The Minjoo Party should risk its life to protect the amendment. That is the reason why Koreans voted for the party.

3. The Supreme Court found Kang Woo-kyu not guilty in the retrial. Kang was sentenced to death and spent 11 years in prison for violating National Security Law and Anticommunist Law. The court also found Kang’s brother Kang Young-kyu and his colleagues including Kim Chu-baek, Kim Sung-ki, Lee Keun-man, and Lee Oh-saeng not guilty

We can say that spies during Yushin Constitution are not spies. Why don’t you apologize first?

4. Eight out ten adults say they will enter a war when a war breaks out. While 63.2% of college students and 56.9% of adolescents will take part in a war, 40.9% of adults, 19.9% of college students, and 16.8% of teens who live overseas will enter a war

I heard that people will become a patriot when they go overseas. But I guess not.

5. The investigation into ‘Humidifier Mate’ that caused many deaths, next to humidifier disinfectant ‘Oxy Ssak Ssak’ was further extended as the company actively cooperated with the prosecution. The company played a crucial role in proving ‘Oxy’s’ charges.

How come the prosecution did not investigate the company? The victims did not injure themselves.

6. Chilli peppers contain a substance called ‘capsaicin’, which helps eyelashes grow longer and thicker. Research led by Dr Kang Sang-mo in Kunguk University found that capsaicin has a positive impact on eyelash growth.

A person must dilute with water and pay extra caution when he/she uses capsaicin. Otherwise, efforts to have longer eyelash make your eyes burn.


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