Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 21, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 21, 2016)


1. One of the top priorities in the 20th National Assembly, ‘the abolition of the National Assembly’ had a shaky start. As the floor leader of Saenuri Party, Chung Jin-suk’s suggestion ‘blending lawmakers of ruling and opposition parties’ fizzled out, the National Assembly stepped on the wrong foot.

The lawmakers all believe that they are white swans. In fact, they are a flock of crows.


2. Korean art community has become a punching bag in summer 2016. The fake painting controversies such as Lee Ufan’s counterfeit paintings, Chung Kyung-ja’s ‘Beautiful Women’ which was recently called a forgery, and Cho Young-nam’s ‘ghost painter incident’, which hired an unknown artist to draw Cho’s paintings rocked the art community.

It is hard to gain trust again once it is lost. People will go crazy if they see art as cash.


3. The South Korean government will construct an integrated system that all hospitals in South Korea share information of medical treatment as early as 2018. Due to the limited sharing medical information system, healthcare facilities these days have to resubmit the information in a form of CD or documents whenever patients move to another hospital.

We don’t have to go through another medical check-up any more then.


4. A question asking elementary students in Japan ‘to choose a country illegally occupying Takeshima (Japanese name of Dokdo)’ in a test sparks a huge controversy. This is a multiple choice question with four possible answers, which include the country names and national flags of Russia, China, South Korea, and North Korea.

Choose a country that is dying to occupy Dokdo illegally. 1) Ilbon 2) Japan 3) Nippon 4) Jjokbari What’s the answer?


5. One of the election pledges made by President Park Geun-hye, building a Universal Studio Theme Park project is likely to fall through. South Korea is under harsh criticism as it uses the project as an election pledge while rival countries use a theme park project such as Shanghai Disneyland as a new economic growth engine.

Why press the point? Everyone knows it. It is even more difficult because she is a lame duck president.

6. There are several reasons why men have to eat watermelon in summer. A research team at the University of Texas in 2008 found that the substance called ‘citrulline’ has a similar effect as Viagra, which earned the reputation called ‘Viagra for poor people.’

All watermelons in supermarkets will be sold out today. However, remember to go to the bathroom before you go to sleep.

7. The Kim Gwan-hong Diver Act, which followed the name after a civilian rescue diver who voluntarily risked his life during search and rescue operations of the Sewol Ferry disaster, was proposed. The act which Kims has participated in the process generates a pitiful attention as it was suggested after his death.

Always one step behind. Aren’t they supposed to put ‘a person before the law’?


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