Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 15, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 15, 2016)


1. The city of Gumi will spend 4 billion Korean Won (4 million US dollars) on ‘Park Chung-hee Musical’ to commemorate ‘the centennial anniversary of the birth of Park Chung-hee.’ In addition, the city is expected to spend another 100 million Korean Won (100,000 US dollars) on a 30-meter long new village movement flag pole, in which civic groups strongly opposed.

Is the mayor of Gumi Park Chung-hee’s fan club president or what? Why doesn’t he use his money?


2. The president promised to disband and punish the maritime police relating to the Sewol Ferry tragedy. However, the main persons in charge during the Sewol Ferry disaster became promoted.

That is why we need the Sewol Ferry Special Act to make the president keep her promise.


3. The court made a decision that the South Korean government should make compensation to the victims who was unlawfully arrested and confined for participating in the assembly demanding for the Sewol Ferry Disaster fact finding. However, the court said that the compensation of 3,000 US dollars is adequate, considering the degree of police’s unlawfulness and the victims’ contents and duration of pain.

South Korean police commit illegal acts.


4. A South Korean government employee who made a mockery comment on the victim of sexual assault in Shinan was placed on the waiting list. The employee said the female teacher was responsible for the sexual abuse as a woman drank an alcoholic beverage.

Is this guy drunken during working hours? Get a grip!


5. The Lotte Group affiliates that are investigated over the allegations that they created secret slush funds destroy evidence. Safety deposits, as well as desk drawers in president’s office and top executives, were found empty in some of the affiliate companies.

Is the investigation targeting MB? It is not possible to find out during the current administration.


6. The city of Seoul decides to provide menstrual pads to the girls from low-income families. The city will send five months of menstrual pads to the adolescents of basic guarantee recipients who apply the request online, starting the end of this year.

The government is supposed to take the initiatives regarding this matter. I hope that this measure becomes nationwide.


7. While the elderly abuse is rising, one in three senior citizens is abused by a son. Family members account for about 70% of abuse cases. According to the ‘2015 elderly abuse status report’, the total of 11,905 cases was reported last year, which was increased by 12.6% compared to a year ago.

Becoming old is also sad. Family members including sons will become old as well. They should not treat their parents like that.


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