Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 9, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 9, 2016)

1. The Ministry of Education will set the price of government-launched history textbooks for middle and high school students starting next March. There is raising concern that the government will press students to buy the textbooks.

Why do we have to buy the textbooks when we don’ know the authors and procedures?


2. Amid low economic growth and stagnation continued over an extended period, convenience store industry alone enjoys an economic boom. The number of a person who eats alone increases as a result of growing single household and convenience store’s marketing to suit these single people’s needs such as lunch box transformed the recession into a boom.

Are convenience stores enjoying their economic growth? I don’t think so. The headquarters are.


3. The Ministry of Environment investigates 15 hazardous chemical products to ensure safety. The products include a cleaning agent, synthetic detergent, fabric softener, coating agent, glue, deodorant, anti-rust additive, anti-fogging agent, insecticide, and preservative.

Why didn’t the ministry investigate before coming onto the market? I don’t understand.


4. The suspects who sexually abused a female teacher in Shinan denied that they had a conspiracy beforehand. However, police are considering to change the rape charges from ‘quasi-rape’ to ‘life sentence’ or ’10 years in prison.’

The interview that says ‘young people can commit such crime’ was shocking. They should be aware that they can face severe punishment.


5. Two Austrian nuns have been granted honorary Korean citizenship for their 40 years of devotion to lepers on Sorokdo in Goheung-gun Jeolla Province (a remote island of Korea). The Ministry of Justice granted meals of honorary citizenship to Sister Marianne and Sister Margarita.

This is the second time the honor has been given, following the first one to Guus Hiddink, former national soccer team coach but I want to thank these two nuns first.



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