Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 8, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (June 8, 2016)

1. Saenuri Party said the suggestion made by Minjoo and People’s Party, which elects the speaker of the National Assembly through free vote, was difficult to accept. Saenuri Party argued that it was customary that the speaker should be chosen from the ruling party through negotiation, except the one case in the past.

I thought the ruling party likes to abide by the law, and now they argue that it should be customary.

2. The South Korean government said that the companies in Kaesong Industrial Complex should not visit North Korea. Instead of accepting the government’s supporting measure, South Korean companies operated in the industrial region decided to visit North Korea to tackle the problems independently.

The government does not care whether they die or not. I am afraid they all become pro-North Korea.


3. Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon apologized profusely that the Guui station accident was to raise the alarm of neo-liberalism due to the structural contradiction of society. He vowed to conduct a review about establishing screen door subsidiaries from scratch and directly manage the outsourcing screen door company Eugene Metro.

The measure should be revised even though it is too late. The world without outsourcing employees, subcontractors, and temporary workers should be created.


4. The Sewol Special Commission will conduct site investigation against the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office (SDPO) to investigate the response of President Park and Chung Wa Dae during the Sewol Ferry tragedy. The Commission decided to launch an investigation as SDPO refused to submit the data about ‘the former Seoul bureau chief of Sankei Shinbun incident.’

It is likely that South Korean prosecutors will refuse the Commission. Prosecutors must be ashamed of what they have done.


5. Four in ten women who quit their job said they are unable to find a childcare center where they can trust and leave their children. 77.9% of women say they don’t plan to have another child. The respondents’ opinions vary, depending on how many children they have.

Please create an environment where mothers can raise their children comfortably. Not just words, please.

6. The number of friends a person has in his/her lifetime increase until 25 but decreases after 25. CNN reports that a 25-year-old male has an average of 19 friends whereas a 25-year-old female has 17.5 friends. However, they have fewer friends after 25.

Does this happen because people become selfish as they get older? Anyway, are Facebook friends included here?


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