Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (May 27, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (May 27, 2016)



1. Gumi in Gyeongsang Province decided to apply 1.4 billion Korean Won (1.4 million US dollars) for ‘the centennial anniversary of the birth of Park Chung-hee musical.’ The business budget alone is expected to be 4 billion Korean Won (4 million US dollars) to commemorate the 14th of November.

The ritual table for the dictator is extremely luxurious. Why don’t they provide one bottle of Chivas Regal? Tut, tut.


2. Lee Jae-geun, a North Korean defector, who participated in the assembly of the Parent Confederation, had an interview today with Media Today. He said in an interview that the federation did not pay him the money he worked for the country. When he made a complaint, he was given daily pay of 20,000 Korean Won (20 US dollars) by deducting 10%.

Even if he works for the country, the federation deducts 10%. The organization is trying to save too much money.


3. There was a statement that South Korean maritime police conducted a coercive investigation (including swearing) against Kang Min-kyu, the vice-principal from Danwon High School, who committed suicide two days after the Sewol Ferry sank. Mr. Kang was under long hours of interrogation without proper medical treatment despite his hypoglycemic condition as he helped 20 students and citizens escape from the ferry.

The police did absolutely nothing when the Sewol Ferry sank. Why do they have to harass the innocent person?


4. This year, more than 50% of pedestrians in Seoul were killed when they jaywalked. Total of 35 people died in the crosswalk this year, and three in four people were killed when they jaywalked.

Seeing is not everything. Instead of just relying on traffic signals, pedestrians should pay attention to cars while drivers to pedestrians.


5. A study found that marathon, which many people do to maintain their health, have an adverse impact on middle-aged men’s cardiac condition. An adequate amount of aerobic exercise can reduce the possibility of cardiovascular disease while people who are addicted to exercise may have a negative impact on their health.

I have some friends who are jogging exuberantly at their age. Take it easy, friends.


6. While there is a raising concern over the economic downturn in South Korea as a result of corporate restructure, household debts in South Korea are expected to reach the record-high level of 1.24 trillion Korean Won in the first quarter this year. The number reached the highest level so far before the Bank of Korea first collected the related data since the fourth quarter of 2002.

The time bomb for household debt is about to explode. Are they not afraid of the ticking bomb?


7. There is a growing number of eco-consumers who are trying to protect themselves from harmful pollutants by using eco-friendly or green products. Such movement has continued in the last few years and has recently expanded after the humidifier disinfectant incident.

It was fun to sleep under the mosquito net. I missed the time.

8. With a significant price rise in Korean beef, the Korean government’s policy triggered controversy. The government will sell the 10% of Korean beef in the market what was once given to Korean soldiers.

What do they think they are doing? Why don’t they overhaul the distribution system that covers 40% of the total price?


9. A study found that workaholism is associated with mental disability. Many workaholics exhibit mental problems including obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and depression.

Addiction itself is a poison. Relax and take it easy for a while.

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