Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (May 26, 2016)


Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (May 26, 2016)


1. Ministry of Health and Welfare says that the telehealth bill that the 19th National Assembly could not pass should be considered before the opening of the 20th National Assembly. The Korean Medical Association, who have opposed the legislation, strongly argues that the ministry should withdraw the amendment.

Why does the ministry want to pass the bill when doctors are against it? Are they sick or what?


2. 2,600 elementary school teachers in South Korea declared that they will not teach Korean history to sixth graders as written in the government-initiated textbooks. They said that ‘it is dangerous to teach the distorted history to elementary students who learn Korean history for the first time.’

Of course, it is hazardous. The distorted history is like a weapon.

3. Local governments face the phenomenon so-called ‘natural decrease of population’ which indicates the number of newborn babies falls short of the number of death. Population decline is taking place as low birth rate followed by an aging population.

Instead of worrying, the environment where people can get married and have children should be created.


4.The investigation found that the experiment report on humidifier disinfectants written by Professor Cho at Seoul National University was a ‘tailored report’ requested by Oxy. The professor deliberately submitted the report to the company when the result was not favorable, ignoring the university rule that the professor must inform the university first.

The professor strongly argued that he be under a false accusation. What does he mean by that? Is this because he was caught in the act?



5. When marriage relationship ends, men are more likely to become poorly nourished while women remain the same. Women do not go through any nutritional changes whereas men who remain single as a result of bereavement and divorce are likely to become malnourished.

Husbands should be nice to their wives if they want to live longer.


6. Women (born in 2003 and 2004) who are aged 12 are eligible to have a free cervical cancer vaccine (equivalent to 300 US dollars) in South Korea starting this year. Getting the vaccine at the age of 11 and 12 is known to be most effective.

Cervical cancer is the only cancer that can be preventable. Don’t forget to get a free vaccine.


7. About half of female job seekers are willing to join the army if the experience is helpful to get a job. In addition, 67% of them believe that the organizational experience in the military will have a positive impact on their career.

They are saying that because they don’t have military experience. I don’t recommend them to join the army to experience organizational life.



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