Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (May 24, 2016)



1. The South Korean government’s measure on China’s killer dust revealed a ‘disorder in a loose and disorganized fashion.’ The government does not come up with countermeasures by allowing the thermoelectric power plant which is considered as the main culprit of pollution and raising taxes on a small car, which used to give many benefits.

They are not the only government policies that are going backward.


2. The price of beer in South Korea is expected to go up in three years, followed by the price hike of Soju last year. With the recent price rise of crackers and frozen desserts, the price of beer and ramen increased, putting the market basket prices in an emergency.

Why don’t they improve the taste of beer first? I don’t mind paying more if the taste is better.

3. Bus drivers in South Korea are under the extreme level of stress. The authority should come up with corrective measures as these drivers indulge in reckless driving due to overburdened work, civil complaint, and assault risk.

We should thank these drivers who work even during holidays. We should be nice to them.

4. The research found that middle and high school students feel happier when they go to school an hour late. The measure did not increase hours of sleep but had a positive impact on overall factors including improving the quality of sleep, emotion and school life.

Students have one hour to spare. This measure also works for adults unless they space out.


5. Food waste from department stores and big supermarkets reached a critical level. They dispose of remaining food for the day, considering food safety. One store disposes of about 2.5 tons of food garbage a day.

Can we not use these foods for good purpose if they do not spoil easily? Many people will not go hungry once people change their mind.






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