Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 29, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 29, 2016)


1. The fact that SK and CJ made a remittance to the Korea Parent Federation came to surface. Both groups transferred the money to a borrowed-name bank and explained that they sent the money because they were threatened by the Federation.

Why are they afraid of the Federation? They must be scared of the one who is behind the Federation.


2. Japan’s Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary and the spokesman said that the removal of the statue of a girl was an implicit agreement between South Korea and Japan. The secretary instantly refuted what President Park said that the statue was not mentioned in the agreement.

The state of Korea is in shambles. I feel so shameful that I want to hide.


3. The disease prevention authority in South Korea that did not include Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam to the “list of countries affected by dangerous virus system” decided to add this area to the system when the Zika virus was detected in a man having travelled to the Philippines.

The authority is always one step behind. Do they have to do this again after we go through with MERs?


4. The war with mosquitoes began with the unusually early spring heat. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a nationwide warning against Japanese encephalitis as the Culex tritaeniorhynchus, a species of mosquito and the main vector of Japanese encephalitis was first discovered in Gyeongnam and Jeju.

Japanese encephalitis and Zika. The discomfort index is expected to be higher this summer. But don’t get cranky.


5. As the Oxy investigation grabbed people’s attention, Korean conglomerates that manufactured and sold humidifier disinfectant are avoiding their responsibility. Launching an investigation late arouse suspicion as the case is about to expire because of the statute of limitations.

The president said the case should be investigated thoroughly by helping the victims. Will you do that please, unlike Sewol Ferry?

6. A research team in Korea provided a clue that cure cancer and Parkinson’s disease by controlling the amount of calcium in a cell. The Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) confirmed that the amount of calcium in mitochondria, which is responsible for energy production, reduces cancer cells.

Korean research teams always find something new. Can I benefit from this discovery?


7. The medical fee is expected to be more expensive by 30 to 50% on May 6, the day the Korean government designates it a temporary holiday. The Ministry of Health and Welfare says patients sharing of the medical cost increases as the medical service apply a surcharge of the night and public holidays.

They say taking a day off does not guarantee the medical cost. They are very thoughtful, aren’t they?




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