Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 27, 2016)


Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 27, 2016)


1. As the demand for “political innovation” bursts out with the 19th National Assembly ahead, both ruling and opposition party competitively proposed that they will take down their privileges as lawmakers. However, the 19th National Assembly will end after one month, putting most of the bill about putting down the right is about to disappear automatically.

What do you expect from these people? I’ll keep my eyes on those who knelt and bowed their heads deep in the 20th National Assembly.


2. Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education came up with learning history guidelines for elementary, middle, and high school together with running the board of education. The office voluntarily reinforces history learning before the publication of the 2017 government-initiated history textbooks for middle and high school.

The government-lead textbooks give other people hard time.

3. A growing number of Korean consumers call for a boycott of the products from Oxy Reckitt Benckiser after the investigation on ‘oxy humidifier disinfectant.’ However, the boycott does not seem to affect the sales because of the company’s high market share. Most consumers do not change their purchase pattern, which means the boycott does not have an impact on the sales.

I mentioned the list of all products from Oxy yesterday, didn’t I? Please check it again and show me people power.

4. A study found that higher medical checkup means more radiation exposure. The examination is more expensive with more CT scans, which means one premium medical examination is equivalent to up to 6 years of naturally occurring radiation.

Radiation has always been expensive even if they are not good for health.

5. More than half of the time-poor workers are swamped with their work as they do not have an hour to date someone. However, 38% of respondents say they never give ‘dating someone’ even if they are pressed with the heavy workload and many night overwork.

Doesn’t it mean that the rest of 62% give me dating? Dating and love are good.




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