Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 18, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 18, 2016)

1. “Who is responsible for the Saenuri’s defeat?” This issue has become a hot potato in the ruling party. Lee Han-gu, the chairperson of the nomination committee and also a key member of the pro-Park group who always appears in the scene attributed the Saenuri’s defeat to lawmakers Yoo Seung-min and Kim Moo-sung.

Well, Lee Han-gu is exactly not responsible, isn’t he? He did as he was told. I understand that.

2. Kim Chong-in, the leader of the Minjoo Party, said he personally attended the second year anniversary of Sewol Ferry Tragedy Memorial event, not as a leader of the party. He also said he will discuss the Sewol Special Act.

He said he was not the going to the memorial service. He must be afraid of public sentiment. I think he has seen that during the general election.


3. China’s two-child policy this year creates a baby market of trillion Korean won worth. The Korean products are particularly popular among Chinese young mothers.

Do you remember the phrase that was hung on the Saenuri’s party wall? “Wake up. One jab could knock you out.”


4. Do you remember that the opposition party in South Korea launched a filibuster against a controversial anti-terrorism law? It is the Saenuri’s turn to filibuster in the 20th National Assembly as the opposition party won a majority in the general election.

What will happen to the National Assembly Modernization Law that should be abolished? I hope you will filibuster as I’ll set a timer.


5. “The cap on Jeonse deposits and monthly rents” emerged as a hot potato in the South Korean housing market as a result of the general election with the opposition party winning a majority. Despite the Minjoo Party’s request, the issue failed to grab a headline, confronted by strong opposition from the majority ruling Saenuri Party and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.

The Minjoo Party has full authority now. One vote has the power to change the course.


6. A study found that a husband is more likely to suffer from depression when their wife works longer hours. A husband is nearly twice more likely to develop depression when their spouse works more than 60 hours a week than they are unemployed.

It means that love is more important than money. Be nice to your partner when you can.


7. South Koreans are seven times likely to develop thyroid cancer than Europeans and eight times than Japanese. Overdiagnosis may be the problem, but a study found that thyroid cancer is correlated with drinking culture.

Tobacco smoking triggers lung cancer while smoking thyroid cancer. I pay money to drink and smoke poison every day.



8. The research found that magma, about twice bigger than Seoul, may exist beneath Heaven Lake, Mount Paekdu in the Korean Peninsula. In 946, a volcano erupted in the mountain and is classified as a dormant volcano but recently various volcanic activities have been monitored such as the eruption of volcanic gases.

Should two Korean hold talks on volcanic eruption possibility? We live in the world where we should worry about the outbreak of war, not a volcano.




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