Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 4, 2016)


Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (April 4, 2016)

1. Kim Mu-sung, the leader of Saenuri Party, back up Ahn Cheol-soo, the leader of People’s Party. He came between Minjoo Party and People’s Party that are trying to nominate the single candidate, using “McCarthyism.”

He is such a mischief-maker. He can’t stand it when someone does well. That’s hideous.


2. Last year, more than half of people died in car accidents when they crossed a pedestrian crossing. Because more than 50% of seniors were killed in motor accidents, the police improved traffic facilities for pedestrians and executed the crackdown on the traffic control.

Some motorists turn into a different person when they are behind the wheel. That’s a personality disorder. You should go with your mother when you see a doctor.

3. Some candidates intentionally refused to attend the discussion forum without revealing his/her information. Even if they refuse to participate in the forum, candidates only have to pay 4 million Korean Won (about 4,000 US dollars) of fines, taking advantage of the electoral law.

Kim Eul-dong, the lawmaker, has not attended the forum twice in a row since the 19th general election. What happened to the daughter of general’s confidence?


4. The roller coaster price of gas price makes consumers confused. When gas price rises, it skyrockets, but when gas prices fall, it slowly drops. Oil refinery companies do not give the reasonable explanation.

Gas price is like sniffling. When the price goes down, it drops very slowly. When it goes up, it is like snuffling.


5. The price of fresh foods went up by 9.7% compared to one year ago. The price of onions skyrocketed by 99.1% from the year earlier, followed by Chinese cabbages and shallots by 86.5% and 49.8% respectively.

Hey, hey. Baseball tickets may go up.


6. Edible Dishware garnered people’s attention. They are organic crackers, made of sorghum, rice, and flour without preservative.

If you set a table with this dishware, you can clear the plate. Please eat up everything with your plate.


7. The Park Administration’s first textbook for sixth graders copied many parts of the Lee Myung Bak Administration’s books. The book had 124 parts of errors and bias, omitting words and expressions such as wartime sex slaves for the Japanese army during World War II, Chun Doo-hwan, and military dictatorship, expecting to be under harsh criticism for plagiarizing the textbook.

So did the Park Administration plagiarize the Lee Administration? One devil knows another.


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