Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (March 25, 2016)


Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (March 25, 2016)

1. President Park Geun-hye attended French food festival at Shilla Hotel. Before the event, the president said South Korea should raise its military alert against North Korea’s threat. The candidate registration for general election began on the 24th.

She has to do security business before the election. She has to eat even though she is extremely busy. She has so many things to do.

2. Korea has the world’s fastest average internet connection speed for eight quarters in a row. The penetration rate of broadband Internet topped the list, strengthening its position as  IT powerhouse.

The average speed of mobile internet access has ranked the 5th in the world. I believe Korea’s “chop-chop culture” made this possible.

3. According to the World Health Organization’s Global Tuberculosis Report in 2015, South Korea’s incidence rate of tuberculosis was 86 out 100,000. The report indicates that South Korea has the highest incidence rate of tuberculosis in the world. The number of TB deaths reported annually in South Korea is as similar as North Korea, a high-risk tuberculosis country.

The number of TB cases will increase to 30,000 every year. Christmas seals are no longer available for sale. Don’t just stand there. Do something.

4. Cardholders should check whether or not they joined credit card’s additional services without consent. Seven credit card companies who make holders use other services without their consent earned 1 trillion Korean Won (10 billion US dollars) for the commission.

These card companies should return the money with interest to their customers. Give it back.

5. There are nearly one million households in South Korea who are unable to pay their national health insurance fees for more than six months because of economic hardship. The default insurance cost, unpaid by households who suffer from extreme poverty such as a mother and two daughters in Songpa amounted to 1.2 trillion Korean Won (about 1.2 billion US dollars), which accounts for 67% of the full default insurance. The family committed suicide together because they could not pay a monthly fee of 50 dollars.

How about using 1 trillion Korean Won from credit card companies for good things by adding interest?

6. A growing number of South Korean police use pictures uploaded in social media such as Facebook in the process of investigation. They use Facebook profile photo as evidence and even know which web page the person under investigation clicked the Like button.

Police have so many things to do. I bet they have sore eyes. People should change from “Public” to “Friends” when it comes to sharing contents and privacy.






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