Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (March 3, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (March 3, 2016)


1. Korean traditional alcoholic beverage will be launched as “K-SOOL” instead of Japanese Sake. Korean liquors have been entering international food and drink competitions for the “sake” category due to lack of Korean liquor category. A new category called “Maokgeolli”, a Korean rice wine, was established in May and then another new one called “K-SOOL” was created this time.

Did you see the power of the Korean Wave? Hey, Japan, let’s get ready to rumble.


2. The brain of happy people has a surprising ability to handle bad news. The research team in Gangnam Severance Hospital said the people are who are satisfied with their life are more likely to accept bad information.

That is why we are sensitive to Gobal News in the morning, right?


3. Mothers who prefer to have Caesarian section in regional areas should visit hospitals five times farther than those who live in urban areas. The infrastructure in relation to pregnancy and childbirth in rural areas is necessary at the stage.

The environment to easily give a child birth should be created instead of encouraging mothers to have more babies.



4. Parents who update their children’s pictures to social media such as Facebook are likely to be in danger. The French police warned that pedophiles can take advantage of these photos.

This can happen in Korea. This gives us another hardship, really.


5. A scientific evidence of why people eat more when they are deprived of sleep is discovered. Lack of sleep increases the amount of chemical substance called 2-AG in the brain, which promotes excessive eating.

What it means that people eat when they are half asleep.



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