Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (February 24, 2016)

Round-up: Today’s top stories in the morning papers in Korea (February 24, 2016)


1. There was controversy in relation to party members that did not exist in Saenuri Party. A report says that the members who participated in opinion poll moved to other places or even died.

Kim Moo-sung, the chairperson of Saenuri Party, said it is all lies.


2. A daycare teacher faced monetary penalties of 3 million Korean Won for slapping a 4-year-old with a food tray. The teacher denied her charges, saying the child got hurt in the forehead amid children at play.

The teacher also wanted to say it is all lies.

3. A research found that one in two men may have decreased sperm number or quality if they keep a cell phone in a pocket close to their testicles. Their sperm quality is more likely to be affected by four times.

Considering the radiofrequency electromagnetic waves from a cell phone, what will happen to the men who live close to the THAAD deployment?


4. Chimaek, a combination of chicken and beer is the youngsters’ popular menu in Korea’s drinking culture. But gammaek, a combination of French fries and beer entered into the culture followed by another menu, burmaek, a combination of burger and beer.

Anything will be fine with cool beer. But you will have to take responsibility for your big belly.


5. Working mothers of preschoolers spend an average of 2.48 hours during weekdays whereas housewives spend 4.2 hours on child-rearing. In contrast, fathers whether single or double income spend less than one hour on child-rearing.

Mothers are not wholly responsible for childcare. Fathers, please get your butt off the couch.


6. A research found that drinking more than one cup of coffee will improve the bone health of menopausal women. The effect of coffee garners medical attention as people could reduce their chances of developing liver cirrhosis if they drank more coffee.

In this case, the effect of coffee is equivalent to aspirin. This should be covered by health insurance.

7. Is it voidable marriage when a woman who was raped before marriage had a child and did not inform the matter to her husband? The Supreme Court said in its decision that it is not voidable.

Don’t couples get married to love each other from the moment on? Don’t ask me about the past.



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